Why You Should Have Your Lifts Inspected

Why You Should Have Your Lifts Inspected
Why You Should Have Your Lifts Inspected

When it comes to automobile maintenance and personal safety, any type of equipment you use to work on a vehicle requires some level of inspection. Vehicle lifts are no exception. If you do not properly inspect an automotive lift, mechanical failure and malfunctions are likely to occur. To learn why you need to have your lifts inspected, check out this blog post.

Inspecting your lifts will prevent injury

Every time you use a lift for work on vehicles, you risk an injury if there are safety issues resulting from normal wear and tear of cables, cylinders, or electrical components of your lift. This is especially true for heavy duty lifts as they are capable of lifting large trucks and buses weighing up to 80,000 pounds or greater. You might use a lift to fix your vehicle, show it at public events, or store more than one car in a garage. Whatever your reason for having a lift, doing a close inspection of your lift can protect you and anyone else around the vehicle. Lift inspections save lives.

Inspecting your lifts will prevent vehicle damage

If certain components of the lift fail or are used improperly, the raised vehicle could slip or tilt and wind up falling off the lift. This can cause major damage to the vehicle, not to mention personal injury or death to anyone in the vicinity. Having lift inspections performed by a certified lift inspector is an investment in your safety and valuable vehicle inventory. When it comes to shop safety, certified lift inspections will always save you time and money in the long run.

Inspecting your lifts will help you fix and maintain your vehicle

The most important way to maintain your car for a long time is to inspect the equipment that you use for maintenance and repair. The workspace between the floor and a vehicle’s undercarriage is often too narrow for a technician to work efficiently. This small space can also make it difficult to see all the parts that need repair. Using a functional and safe lift provides more space to work under vehicles, and it allows you to effectively perform the task at hand. Adequate workspace, appropriate automotive service equipment, and good lighting will make it easier for you to properly fix and maintain your vehicle.

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