Vehicle Service Equipment You Need to Open an Auto Repair Shop

orlando vehicle service equipment

Automotive repair shops require several types of equipment to operate effectively, and it can be difficult to remember all the pieces of equipment you need. Quality equipment helps keep technicians safe and shops operational. Here are some examples of types of vehicle service equipment you’ll want to make sure you have in your shop: 

Lubrication Pumps

The idea behind these pumps is to have reliable fluid transfer.

Hose Reels

The reels come in single pedestal and dual pedestal varieties. They can also be ordered with cabinet-style enclosures to be more aesthetically pleasing in the shop. 

Vehicle Lifts

The vehicle lift is the most essential and profitable piece of equipment in the shop. You’ll need to find the best one for your specific needs. They come in 2-post, 4-post, heavy duty and in-ground models. In addition to the vehicle lifts, you’ll need jacks and jack stands to do smaller-scale lifting tasks.

Fuel Tanks

Above ground storage tanks (AST’s) do the essential job of storing the lubricants. Most shops can work with sizes between 275 and 500 gallons. Oil tanks come in single- and double-wall varieties. Double walls add a second layer of protection from spills and allow for environmental compliance.

Air Compressors

One of the most important items to have in a vehicle service shop is the air compressor. It is an absolute necessity. Air compressors operate many tools in the shop, from handheld tools to lifts. The higher capacity air compressor you have, the better. Most shops can operate with a 50- or 120-gallon capacity. 

Wheel Service Equipment

Being able to change and rotate tires and perform vehicle alignment is priceless. That’s why equipment like tire balancers, tire changers, wheel aligners and alignment lifts are necessary for profitable service shop operations. 

Other Shop Essentials

All of the equipment mentioned above will help you get a great start on running your service shop. Here are a few other pieces of equipment that help service shops run smoothly: 

  • Oil drain and caddy: This piece of equipment makes changing oil and transmission fluid much easier and cleaner.  
  • Battery charger and jumper cables: These can help the service department and sales department alike when car batteries need to be charged.
  • Brake lathe: This will offer you another service option to your customers.  Extending the lift of your customer’s brakes vs. replacement. 
  • Engine hoist: Rather than relying on service technicians to lift incredibly heavy engines, you’ll need to buy a hoist and have it do the heavy lifting.

Our team at Sunshine Equipment Solutions is here to help with your Orlando vehicle service equipment needs. We sell, service and install quality automotive shop equipment. If you’re in the market, give us a call at 407-295-8113 or contact us online.

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