Rotary 7,000 lb Mid-Rise

Rotary 7,000 lb Mid-Rise

Please Contact Us To Place An Order

Please Contact Us To Place An Order

Rotary’s Low-Rise and Mid-Rise lifts are great for tire mounting and rotation, brakes, exhaust and other jobs requiring clear access.


Low-Rise Features

  • Drive-over ramps and side rails provide the width to support wider vehicles during approach.
  • Dual lifting cylinders provide the power required to lift a 10,000 lbs. vehicle.
  • Includes four heat-resistent non-slip pads which provide a great contact surface for adapters or vehicle pick-up points.
  • VLXS series VersaLifts come standard with a three-position wheel spotting dish for accurate spotting of vehicles.
  • 7,000 and 10,000 lbs. capacity models are available.

Model VLXS10
10,000 lbs. capacityLD_LowRise

VLXS10 Adapters
The new three-position adapters have rubber contact pads on three sides increasing the positioning capabilities. The height added by these adapters excels the versatility of the lift. The adapters can be laid flat for 4 5/16″ (110mm) additional height or on the side for 6 5/16″ (160mm). Achieve maximum extension by laying the adapter on end and allowing an additional 8 9/16″ (218mm) of height. The VLXS10 also comes with a set of four 1 1/2″ rubber block adapters for low-profile vehicles.

VLXS7 Adapters
The 7,000 lb. capacity low-rise lift comes standard with a set of rubber blocks for quick access to lower profile and unibody frame vehicles. Blocks are 1 1/2″ and 3″ in height.

Mid-Rise Lift
Rotary’s NEW VMR6 is ideal for tire mounting and rotation, brakes, exhaust and other jobs requiring clear access. Its compact size makes the VMR6 the right choice where space is at a premium. With Rotary Lift’s VMR6, the real value is the boost to productivity.

Model VMR6
6,000 lbs. capacity

LD_MidRiseMid-Rise Features

  • With a 6,000 lbs. capacity, you will be able to lift a wide
  • range of vehicles.
  • It is portable and
  • Easy to move.
  • The scissor design takes up very little bay space.
  • Swing arms with pad adapters make spotting vehicles quick and easy.
  • Raise to full height in less than 30 seconds.
  • Locks can be engaged at multiple heights.
  • Two cylinders provide the power needed to raise most passenger vehicles on the road today.
  • Comes with truck adapters.


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