Rotary 18,000 lb & 30,000 lb Four Post

Rotary 18,000 lb & 30,000 lb Four Post

Please Contact Us To Place An Order

Please Contact Us To Place An Order

Rotary’s heavy duty four-post lifts accommodate a wide range of vehicles with lifting capacities up to 60,000 lbs.

Product Details

HDL Series Four Post Features
  •Safety latches in each leg for maximum security.
•The non-skid surface allows a sure grip for tires and a “sure foot” for technicians standing on the lift.
•Heavy-duty chains ensure runways are level throughout the lifting process.
•Fully adjustable runway track width to accommodate any vehicle.
•I-Beam construction in runways for maximum capacity.
•Front wheel stops can easily be replaced by optional drive through ramps
•Two 2-HP motors and two cylinders to provide the tremendous lifting power required for the largest vehicles

Model 40000HDL
40,000 lbs. capacityHD_HDL_4Post-small

HDL Series Options and Accessories
  •Internal airline kit to power rolling jacks and other air tools. Includes 6 quick disconnects, two coil hoses, airline piping and all hardware.
•Rolling jacks with a variety of adapters lift front, rear or all wheels off the runways for brake, tire, alignment and suspension work. When idle, the jacks roll out of the way to provide unobstructed workspace between runways. Auxiliary axle adapters are standard with rolling jacks.
•Drive-thru ramps are available and provide a quick and easy on-off service operation.
•Power unit cover
•Mobile oil drain pans
•Single and 3-phase motors
•Custom colors
•Alignment models are available which include turntable cutouts for two-wheel alignments


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