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Rotary 15,000 lb & 18,000 lb Heavy Duty Two Post

Rotary 15,000 lb & 18,000 lb Heavy Duty Two Post

Please Contact Us To Place An Order

Please Contact Us To Place An Order

All of Rotary’s award winning light duty features can be found on our heavy duty two-post lifts. With available capacities up to 18,000 pounds and options like low ceiling models and dual controls, you can rest assured we have a lift for your job.

Engineered for Productivity
For decades, Rotary® has been the recognized leader in vehicle service lifts. This legendary reputation has set the standard for quality, durability, reliability and attention to safety throughout the automotive service market.

Dual controls with 110V electric and air outlets right on the lift make this two-post lift the ultimate choice for productivity seeking technicians and managers.

Service and Support
With Rotary lifts, you have the service and support you need. Our world-wide network of service companies are always standing by.

Lift Safety Standards
Most of our lifts are third party tested by ETL and certified by ALI to meet or exceed strict ANSI standards such as cable cut and deformation tests. Be sure the lift you buy has the gold ALI/ETL label that assures your lift has been tested to meet these standards.

Six Position Wheel Spotting Dishes
Wheel spotting dishes provide more accurate positioning for a variety of vehicles.

HD_2PostMulti Position Locking System
The locking system engages every 3” and is fully accessible for maintenance.

Overhead Padded Switch Bar
Overhead padded switch bar to prevent damaging a vehicle from being raised too high.

Stackable Adapters
Stackable adapters make contact to the vehicle quick and easy.

Engineered for Durability
The “Double S” single piece construction column design provides a channel for the bearings to travel that maximizes the strength of the column and surface contact area of the bearing.

Up and Out of the Way Power Unit
The power unit is located up and out of the way to reduce noise (inbay models only).

Overhead Cables and a Clear Floor Design
The use of overhead cables insures proper equalization of the carriages, while providing an unobstructed floor.

Arm Restraints
The positioning of arms is made easy. Designed to engage when the lift is raised and disengage when the lift is fully lowered.

Slider Blocks
We make our slider blocks of Tivar® 1000, a dense polyethylene compound that is self-lubricating, maintenance free and highly resistant to wear. With 320 square inches of load-bearing surface, these blocks distribute the load over more surface area than
any comparable lift.


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