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High Quality Automotive Service Equipment

Products & Sales

At Sunshine Equipment Solutions, we take pride in our wide variety of products available for automotive service departments. From petroleum pumps to vehicle lifts, every service provider will find what they are looking for with us. Our turn-key solutions also mean we offer value prices on installation services as well.

Lubrication Pumps


We carry several Aro and Graco diaphragm pumps that offer exceptional fluid flow compared to other pumps on the market. Our diaphragm pumps are designed for leak free fluid handling. Some of our pumps feature a low pulsation air valve to help ensure fluid flow is as efficient as possible. The high-quality diaphragm pumps at Sunshine Equipment Solutions offer our customers reliable fluid transfer.

We also provide several oil and grease piston pumps at Sunshine Equipment Solutions. These pump applications are perfect for small or large shops. Depending on your demand we will match you with the proper pump for your specific needs. Certain models are also designed with fewer moving parts, which helps reduce wear on the pump itself.

Petroleum Pumps


It’s extremely important that you have a reliable petroleum transfer pump to fuel your equipment and vehicles. We carry extremely durable and reliable fuel transfer pumps for our customers. We offer 12-volt, 24-volt, 115-volt, and 230-volt fuel pumps. We stand behind the quality and performance of our petroleum pumps. Our petroleum transfer pumps are UL listed and CSA certified to ensure they meet safety and performance standards.

We also offer rotary hand pumps and piston hand pumps. Rotary hand pumps are an excellent option for use with portable fuel tanks. Our piston hand pump is a premium pump ideal for high-volume fuel transfer, as it generates twice the flow of any other hand pump. The petroleum pumps and meters we carry are second to none. Contact us to place an order on any of our high-quality GPI fuel transfer pumps, today.

Hose Reels


Graco SD and XD Series heavy duty hose reels are ideal for rugged indoor and outdoor use in truck and car dealerships, fleet maintenance, mining maintenance, public works garages, construction vehicle maintenance and service trucks. Graco hose reels feature single pedestal or dual pedestal hose reels for reliable performance in extreme applications. Hose reels can also be ordered with cabinet style enclosures to present a clean professional look for each hose reel bank in your service shop.

Fuel Meters


GPI mechanical fuel meters and digital fuel meters. GPI offers several options for their mechanical fuel meters to meet your needs. GPI’s new M30 mechanical fuel meter delivers 5-30 GPM with a +/- 2% accuracy. An easy to read 4 digit display, magnetic drive and modular design make this a dependable easy to install mechanical fuel meter that is also an affordable option. 4 YEAR WARRANTY

The QM240 and QM150 are an extremely accurate, high flow mechanical fuel meter. The oval gear technology that makes them so accurate is typically found in meters 10x the cost of the GPI Flomec fuel meter. Within +/- ½% accuracy across a flow range from 2 to 40 GPM uses a magnetic drive to eliminate drive shaft leaks. 4 YEAR WARRANTY

GPI’s in line digital fuel meters are available with two flow rate options. The 01A digital fuel meter offers a standard 3-30 GPM flow rate while the 03A series digital fuel meter has a wider flow range of 0.3-50 GPM. These easy to install, intrinsically safe digital fuel metes are a great way to account for your usage right at the nozzle. The 01N31GM-U and 01N12LM-U digital diesel exhaust DEF fluid meters offer the same reliability, but compatible with diesel exhaust fluid.

Vehicle Lifts


The car lift system is one of the most essential and profitable pieces of equipment to have in auto repair shops. It’s extremely important that your shop has the best vehicle lift to suit your specific needs. At Sunshine Equipment Solutions, we carry all types of vehicle lifts for sale, including rotary four post, two post, heavy duty and in-ground Rotary lifts. Our in-ground lifts are a great option if you want to maximize the amount of space available in your shop; with our in-ground lifts, you can put more lifts in your work space and increase your return on investment.

We strive to provide all our customers with quality car lift systems. View our vehicle lifts for sale to find the right equipment solution for your needs.

Lift Types


Rotary four post lifts can create significant value to your service shop. Plus, a Rotary four post lift makes vehicle spotting and compatibility easier for alignment systems. For increased efficiency during general service, alignment or multi-point inspections, a Rotary four post lift is all you need to know.

The Rotary SmartLift in ground lift series is second to none. The self-contained in ground lifts are fully contained in a recycled, single-piece polymer composite housing makes oil leakage and spillage a thing of the past. The Rotary SmartLift in ground lift series is available in 10,000-12,000 lb capacity, and can be Shockwave equipped for speed and optimization of your service shop.

If it’s a heavy duty in ground lift you’re looking for, Rotary has it covered. From a traditional in ground lift to the new Mod35 Flex in ground lift, Rotary’s heavy duty lift series can accommodate vehicles from 70,000-105,000 lbs.

Two Post Lifts
Four Post Lifts

Rotary Lift offers light duty and heavy duty four post lifts. Rotary’s 14,000 lb general service lift features ½” thick steel cable in the columns, cylinder located under the runway to eliminate any opportunity for vehicle door/mirror damage and patented Sentinel Lock locking latches every 3 inches. Available in closed front or open front design offering technicians more working space. Rotary Heavy duty four post lifts are a great value, an investment that is easy to own and operate because they are engineered to perform and built to last. Rotary’s heavy duty lifts accommodate a wide range of vehicles, making routine vehicle service and maintenance with a Rotary four post lift perfect for any shop. These four post lifts are proven, durable and require little to no maintenance. Available heavy duty capacities are 18,000, 30,000, 40,000, 50,000 and 60,000 lbs.

In-Ground Lifts

The Rotary SmartLift is the best in ground lift choice for productivity and profit. The space saving footprint of an in ground lift offers an aesthetically pleasing service area. Plus, it allows for more lifts in less space and increased vehicle access while working around the lift. The Rotary SmartLift in ground lift is also environmentally friendly, keeping the environment from the lift and the lift from the environment. If it’s speed you’re looking for, Rotary’s SHOCKWAVE equipped lifts are the fastest lifts in the world, accelerating productivity and increasing service orders per bay.

Tanks & Tank Packages


Here when you need them. We stock 275-gallon and 500-gallon UL 142 tanks, single, and double wall. The oil and fuel storage tanks we carry at Sunshine Equipment Solutions can also be used with secondary containment sumps for added spill protection. We carry both single and double wall fuel storage tanks. Our double wall tanks provide a secondary layer of protection to help guard against spills. All our oil and fuel storage tanks meet the UL 142 standard, so you can rest assured that they meet regulation.

Whether you need a single wall or double wall storage tank, we can provide you with the perfect storage tank at Sunshine Equipment Solutions. Contact us to find the right fuel storage tank for your needs, today.

Air Compressors

Air Compressors

Champion R-Series reciprocating air compressors have a time-tested, proven design. Rugged standard features, a wide selection of configurations, and quality available options make the R-Series reciprocating air compressors the solution to your application. Delivering high performance, long life and tremendous value, Champion air compressors are the proven choice.

Champion RotorChamp rotary screw air compressors offer unmatched efficiency, in a quiet, compact design that can be located anywhere in the work area. However, without an efficient, durable airend, a unique rotary screw compressor design means nothing. That’s why Champion designs and manufactures this critical component in house to exacting standards. The Enduro air end on the rotary screw compressors uses a belt-driven design, giving you added flexibility for changing discharge pressures, when necessary.

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